About firm

The law firm “JUSTAS” was created on the 16th of May in 1991 and it’s one of the first institutions of such kind in Russia. It activity began with juridical service of enterprises. The activity of our firm changed a great deal for the last years. There are 19 lawyers realizing their professional activity in the firm and secretaries, assistants of the lawyers and a book-keeper help them. The firm has its own library but not only our lawyers use the services of the library but some students of legal colleges and universities can visit our library.

Annually, the lawyers of our firm take part in hundreds criminal and civil case. They advise organizations and private persons on juridical questions. The law firm ”JUSTAS” has got a broad confession, repeatedly it lawyers were encouraged by Ministry of justice of Russian Federation, Federal chamber of lawyers of the Russian Federation and chamber of lawyers of the Republic of Bashkortostan. In essence the law firm is some forge of the legal personnel. Now It former workers toil as judges, public prosecutors and notaries. The law firm “JUSTAS” realizes the programs” Municipal the bar” and “Juvenal the bar”, directed on organization of constant juridical help poor people and legal protection of children.

Collective of the law firm “JUSTAS” peers to the future with optimism. The lawyers of our firm cherish their own relations with their clients. We’ll pleased see you in their number!


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