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Lawyers of our firm plead criminal and civil cases in courts of UFA, Sterlitamak, Salavat, Meleuz, Kumertau, and the other cities and regions of the Republic of Bashkortostan, and North Orenburzhiya. They present interests of enterprises in the court of arbitration of the Republic of Bashkortostan on economic and taxing disputes successfully. Also you can get detailed consultation on juridical questions from our lawyers. You should put a written question and direct it on our e-mail, having filled questionnaire for it. Beforehand you should pay the facilities of the lawyer, having transferred money on our bank account. You’ll learn about sum which you should enumerate on our e-mail. After remittance you can get some written consultation on your e-mail.

If you need the lawyer on concrete criminal or civil case, you’ll also can solve this question, connected with us on Internet or specified telephone. The lawyers of our firm will do everything to prove an innocence of your relative or intimate your person, soften their responsibility.

The lawyers of our firm can registration some enterprise is being created by you, develop some project of economic contract or the other legal document. These facilities are given similarly consultation on juridical questions.
Use services Internet-the bar. It’ll help you to save time and nerves. Quality of our own services guarantee!


"Aditum nocendi perfido praestat fides — Доверие, оказанное вероломному, дает ему возможность вредить"
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